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ABOUT Leekyungho

Traveler 2006 Seoul


Media Artist

Director, Gwangju Unesco Media Art Creative City Platform 

Worked in France 1987 to 1999 and 2000 came back to Korea. 

Suncheon Bay International Eco-Environmental Art Festival, Media-City Seoul,, 5th Gwang Ju biennale, Sea art festival Busan, Changwon Sculpture Biennale, JIIAF JIRISAN(Mt) ARTS FESTA, Shanghai Biennale, Sevilla biennale, Special Exhibition of Korea, Dakar Biennale , Museum of Contemporary Art, ZKM, Germany, CITY ART MUSEUM LJUBLJANA, Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai Duolun Museum, Art Wave Festival Costarica, Xi`an Contemporary Art Exhibition, Guang'an Field Art Biennale China etc Participated an exhibition.

Participate section Special Exhibition. KIAF, Busan, CIGE Beijing, Art fair.

prize : 《Salon de la Jeune Création》 prize of Espace Paul Ricard  50th anniversary《Salon de la Jeune Peinture》, Paris, France


2023 "Deadline 1.5"  UM Museum Korea

          KIAF special Exhibition Seoul Korea

         “14th GwangJu biennale”, Sponsored exhibition, “Global Metabus Exhibition

         Exhibition Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of AJAC, Space Sazic

         Jeonju Spring Festival, Seonosong Art Village Project

         Amulet - Myoryeong Exhibition COEX, Leeham Gallery, France

         UN Habitat National Assembly Exhibition

         Issuing a NFT for the protection campaign of hygien plants 

2022 “Travel Again” Ami Art Museum
          hang hang hang, education program, Suwon Museum of Art
          Namjun back 90s birthday with Hong shinja

          Open, NFT in Clip Drops

          Issuance of Shin Jinseo 9 Dan and “God’s Hand” NFT

          KIAF+ exhibition

          NFT ART FAIR, Hello Insa-dong

          Incheon Asia Art Show

          Gwangju Art Fair

          Barunson Labs NPLANET and Busan BEXCO Exhibition

          Clipdrops “Deadline 1.5” NFT issued

          Seoul Media Art Week COEX and 57 indoor and outdoor media tower                            exhibitions around the World Trade Center,

          “Jackpot Rabbit” Presented at COEX Anamorphic SM Display

2021 Eco Art: Time of the Earth. MMCA Korea
        “WARM REVITALIZATION“ Gangwon Triennales
         "一卽多 多卽一" Jeonnam International SUMUK Biennale
        “Happy Solidarity“  Index Gallery
         A Mark I, Samyook Bilding
        “Paradised” V Center The Live Museum
         An exhibition on an LED display Myeongdong & Shinnonhyeon.(UStudio) 

         Earth Day Film Festival, YouTube Online, Youje Earth and People.(UStudio)

         FAS2021 SPACE 933 Sejong city Korea


         Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre,  Leekyungho & UStudio

        "Gi G iMyo Myo"

         Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre,  Leekyungho & UStudio

         Dradline 1.5 Collaboration with Gowoori,

         Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre,  Leekyungho & UStudio

2020 Geumgang Nature Art Biennale / Yeonmisan Nature Art Park, Korea

         Dalseong Daegu Contemporary Art Festival / Dalseung, Kangjeungbo, Korea

         King Sejong & Music, Chwipoonghyung-Full Moon Song

         (Cultural Center 1F Gallery, Movement Complex Sejong, Sejong City)

         Now and after, center for contemporary art Winzavod, Moscow, Russia


          ( Jirisan Hadong / Seoul Art Center) 

          1th『New Method (新方法)展』- Existence and phenomenon 

          (Sejong Culture Art Center Museum)               

          Full time Artist Yangpyeong 01~12 July 2019

          Korea/Japan “Autumn” Allme Art space

          5th Yesultong Festival

2018 Other Languages – Special Exhibition of Korea, Dakar Biennale 

         Art Busan Special Media Art Exhibition

         Tamarindo Art Wave Festival Costarica 

         “Renegades in resistance and challenge”

         Part2-50-year history of performance art of Korea: 1967-2017

         Daegu Art Museum

         Gwangju Cultural Foundation Media 338 “Digital Moon”

         Artspace 15.8   “Home: reminiscences of those days” Seoul

         Artspace 9  “Resonance” Seoul

         4th Yesultong Festival

2017 Anyang Pavillion Media Facade “Moon and Sixpence”


          Beijing expo CIGE section Special Exhibition Asia


          “Explorers of Experiment and Challenge, 50 Years of Korean Performance  


          11th Taehwa Eco River Art Festival.

2016  3th Changwon Sculpture Biennale Korea.

           1th Suncheon Bay International Eco-Environmental Art Festival 2016

           (SEEAF 2016)

2015  Sea Art Festival 2015  Busan Metropolitan City,

           Busan Biennale Organizing Committee

          "GLASS ART & JAZZ on Glassisland" 

           Korea`s Murano Daebu-do Glass Island museum

2014 " K-P.O.P.─Korean Contemporary Art" Taipei MOCA

          "Digital Triangle" Alternative Space LOOP Korea

          “Qingdao Biennale” (China, Qingdao)

          " Bomb" Alternative space Noon

          "curator Won-Il Lee’s Creative Paradox" Exhibition KunstDoc Space

          "Scars became Stars" Hankuk Art Museum

          "Slow Slow Quick Quick!" summer,

          7 Days' Nanjang Performance Festival  KunstDoc Space

2013 "DIGIROAD"  Hankuk Art Museum

2012 " Dream Walking in the Magical Reality"

          National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

2011 " wonderful world of light art" Gyeongnam Art Museum

          "Meditation of Technology - Gardens of the media"

            Pohang Museum of Steel Art

2010 "The Flower of May"

          A Special Exhibition

          Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Gwangju Uprising

          (Gwangju City Museum Korea)

          “Image of septembER” with Annie ratti (Gallery sejul, Korea)

          “The Border between Reality & Metaphor”

          (Chosen University Art Museum, Korea)

2009 Seoul Delightful City 2009

2008 Sevilla biennale (Spain)

          Border of Imaginary, Han Ji Yun Contemporary Space

          (China, Beijing)

2007 Exhibition of “Thermocline of Art-New Asian Waves”

          (a ZKM 10th Anniversary Exhibition)

          (Museum of Contemporary Art, ZKM, Germany)

          Exhibition at CITY ART MUSEUM LJUBLJANA, Ljubljana, Slovenia

          Exhibition of “No-Signal” (Gallery sejul, Korea)

2006 Exhibition of “2006 Shanghai Biennale” (China, Shanghai)

          Exhibition of “Treveler” (Gallery Sejul, Korea, Seoul)

2005 Exhibition of “Shanghai Cool”

          Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, China

2004 Exhibition of “5th Gwang Ju biennale”, Korea, Seoul

          Exhibition of “Self- Landscape”, woo art museum, Korea

          Exhibition of "Media Festival in Ju-an" (KBS digital museum, Korea)

          Exhibition of "Taipei MoCa Digital sublime"

          (Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei)

2003 Exhibition of "Prince & Princess”, Gallery Hyundai, Korea

          Exhibition of "New Collections"

          (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea)

          Exhibition of "Nan Jang", Superintend the City Hall of Seoul, Korea

2002 Solo exhibition, Gallery Sejul, Korea

          Media-City Seoul, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

2001 Exhibition of "Clear Water & Love“, Seoul Museum of Art

2000 Exhibition of Korean & France young artist, Paris, France

1999 "Salon de Jeune Peinture" video Installation, Espace Eiffel-Branly  Paris                       Exhibition of "Bonjour Seoguipo", Cheju Island, Korea Exhibition of "Bonjour             Millenium", Seoul Gallery, Korea

1998 "SOLE TEMPS MUR" Exhibition video Sculpture, Espace Arsenale,

           Paris, France                           

           Exhibition of "Atelier Porte Ouverte" video Sculpture, Arsenale,

           Paris, France

          "INTERCOLES 7" Exhibition, video, Centre d'Art Contemporain

           Rueil-Malmaison France

          "Ca prend pas de place" video Installation, Gallery J & J DONGUY,

           Paris, France

1997~ 1994  Army Service


1994 Video Installation and Performance, Espace Mont-joie Paris

1993 Video Installation and Painting, Espace Mont-joie Paris

1992 "Nativity" L'ABATTOIR (painting) Chalon-sur-Saône, France,

          Centre Regional de Creations Europeennes

          Exhibition of "Poesis Performance" E.T.S Phnographique de l'est Paris

          d'Expo Ecole des Beaux-Arts (painting exhibition), Budapest, Hungary

1991 "Novelle tendance d'aujourdui" Installation and Performance,

          (l'Espace d'un instant Paris) 

1990 6 times performance. Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Dijon France

          Video Installation, Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Dijon France

1989 Participated in lots of events for performance including ORLAN.

          Poliphonix 89, Centre Ponpidou, Paris

          l'acte pour l'art Tarascon, France



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